Use Cases by Industry

SmartLPA complies with OEM and global standard requirements such as IATF 16949, AIAG CQI-8, VDA 6.3, AS 9100 and more, as required by the automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries.

Uses cases by industry


SmartLPA is the preferred software solution for major Automotive Tier 1 suppliers to manage their audit processes.

In the Automotive industry every activity must contribute to reduce cost, improve quality, increase employee safety and exceed customer expectations.


SmartLPA helps the Automotive industry to:

  • Comply with industry standards such as IATF and AIAG CQ-8 under a digital platform.
  • Meet OEM LPA specific requirements with a significant reduction in administrative work.
  • Increase employee involvement, better audit schedule compliance, stronger corrective action closure discipline.
  • Strengthen and standardize other audit process such as safety, operations excellence, 5S's, Poka-yoke, product audits, and more.
  • Reduce process variation, scrap and customer quality complaints. Change culture for a more robust and reliable process.


The quality standards of the aerospace industry are very strict. Having a very robust audit system ensures that manufacturing processes are being followed as documented every time and highly reduces the probability of a quality problem.


SmartLPA can help companies improve by:

  • Increasing audit frequencies without adding headcount to the process.
  • Launching a layered process audit effort without sacrificing other business priorities.
  • Complying with OEM and industry standards - AS9100 and others.
  • Eliminating paper clutter and time from managing manual spreadsheets.
  • Tracking main contributors to minimize scrap, reduce customer quality issues, and drive a standardized manufacturing process.


All industries with either manufacturing or transactional processes must have an audit procedure to review adherence to their own internal standards as well as external requirements from customer or regulatory bodies.

Any manufacturing company with a serious quality-oriented culture can benefit from using SmartLPA to standardize a strong audit management system and follow up on non-conformances and corrective actions.


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