Gemba Walks

The Gemba Walk is an opportunity for management teams to out where the processes happen, with fresh eyes to identify sources of waste or non-value added activities.

With the appropriate checklists, SmartLPA makes the process standard and very easy to identify main contributors, assign improvement ideas, and follow up on actions to verify the results.

Gemba Walks
  • Pick a theme from your preloaded Gemba checklists.
  • Use SmartLPA’s automatic scheduling to assign gemba walks randomly across the production floor.
  • Walk the desired area and document your findings digitally on your tablet or cell phone.
  • Take pictures or videos during your walk to be part of the audit records.
  • Follow up on the issues by assigning actions and tracking them through their closure.
Gemba Walks

SmartLPA is the perfect tool to manage and follow up on your Gemba walks and lean management strategy.

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