Customizable Checklists

SmartLPA can accommodate any type of audit that uses a checklist.

With SmartLPA you can take any mobile device to the production floor and perform your audit.

Not just Layered Process Audits (LPA), but 5S, Gemba Walks, VDA 6.3, COVID-19 audits, and many more.

Customizable Checklists


  • Different types of checklist, from Yes/No to numerically graded.
  • Random question selection from a large checklist.
  • Add image guides to each question.
  • Resolve non-conformances in place or record them for later analysis and resolution.
  • Keep track of checklist changes with revision control and approval.
  • Share checklists among production sites or have checklists specific for each site.
  • Limit user access for different types of audits (ie. one LPA administrator and a different 5S administrator).
Customizable Checklists

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