5S Audits

5S is a methodology for keeping the workspace organized based on five Japanese words, which can be translated as Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

To evaluate the implementation of 5S, organizations perform periodic 5S audits to make sure that they continuously follow the 5S principles. SmartLPA has been successfully used across many organizations to streamline and digitalize the 5S auditing process.

5S Audits
  • Customize 5S checklists for general or specific uses.
  • Consolidate 5S results to obtain a global 5S level.
  • Get instant process feedback and continue to harvest the efforts of a consistent 5S culture.
  • Organized reporting helps spot improvement opportunity areas.
  • Visual aids on digital checklists help by displaying benchmark examples during audits.
  • With proven successful implementations in customers around the world, SmartLPA is the digital tool of choice for 5S Audits.
5S Audits

SmartLPA is the perfect tool to manage and follow up on your 5S audit strategy

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