In our previous article 3 Reasons to implement Layered process audits we have spoken about the three main fields where LPA or Layered process audits represent and advantage for the improvement of an organization, in this article we will talk about the main reasons why you should implement LPA audits and what is the best option to do it.

Why do audits?

An audit will make it possible to identify errors made in the organization and correct them in time, in order to take measures that will allow the company to return to the right course. An audit can help organizations streamline their operations and achieve significant cost savings.

Reasons to implement LPA

1.- Identifies existing failures in the different quality management processes of the organization.

2.- It achieves an improvement in internal communication, because through informative meetings to transmit the findings of internal audits, it encourages staff to be informed of both their activities and those of the rest. This prevents actions from being carried out incorrectly due to lack of information.

3.- Detect issues that can become serious, even giving rise to sanctions in case of non-compliance.

Know the LPA audits

• The Audits by Layers (Layered Process Audits, LPA) seek the verification of the correct execution of the operational standards of the Organization's Quality System and that of its clients or suppliers

• The purpose of the Audits by Layers is to reduce defects thus reduce the Cost of NO Quality, by seeking to improve the stability of the process and raise awareness of the culture of quality at all levels of the organization. For example:

1. Reducing variation in the process.

2. Preventing process errors and operator errors.

3. Initiating continuous improvement actions.

4. Implementing and improve standardization.

• Perform this type of audits and setting them up can be a bit chaotic if some important aspects are not clear, such as: Do not use more than 5 layers, which are the responsibility of the Operations or Production Manager or that there is from the outset a reaction plan to non-conformities.

Nowadays, the best way to carry out LPA audits, it is throughout digital solutions, such as softwares, which features and interface helps the user to perform audits on a more effective and efficient way, reducing even more the error margin, costs and waste. If you wanna know more about the benefts of a LPA software, click here.