Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Over 30 reports let you see your audit performance from every angle.

SmartLPA has several reporting categories:

  • Audit count and completion
  • Audit results
  • Non-conformances
  • Actions count and completion
SmartLPA - Features - Powerful and Flexible Reporting

All reports are very customizable with many filters and can be exported to Excel.

SmartLPA - Features - Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Other features

SmartLPA - Feature - Customizable Checklists

Customizable Checklists

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SmartLPA - Feature - Corrective Action Tracking

Corrective Action Tracking

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SmartLPA - Feature - Automatic Audit Scheduling

Automatic Audit Scheduling

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SmartLPA - Feature - Email Reminders and Escalation

Email Reminders and Escalation

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