Customizable Checklists

SmartLPA supports customizable checklists for a wide range of audits, from process audits to 5Ss.

SmartLPA supports multiple kinds of audits:

  • Layered Process Audits
  • 5S
  • Safety
  • Environmental

And anything that can be audited with a checklist.


SmartLPA - Features - Customizable Checklists

Our checklists are very configurable to suit your business needs:

  • Different types of checklists (Yes/No, Weighed, Graded)
  • Resolution in place
  • Image guides for each question
  • Random selection of questions out of a pool
  • Revision control
SmartLPA - Features - Customizable Checklists

SmartLPA supports capturing audit results on mobile devices.

  • Saves paper by not requiring printouts of the checklist documents.
  • Saves time by doing the audit in one step: no need to go back to the office to enter results on a computer.
  • Allows including pictures as evidence, for both non-conformances and action resolutions
SmartLPA - Features - Customizable Checklists

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